Sunday, July 10, 2016

GoDaughter: Arising From the Ashes

I am reclaiming this blog as my original blog and space to share my journey- where I'm at now and where I'm going, as I seek God and learn my place in Him- my home is in God and I am part of God's family. As you may know, I am traveling on the World Race. I do not want this to distract from the overall journey, but I wish to share my unique perspective of what I am learning on this journey and how this relates to the original purpose of starting this blog.

The jungle of Bolivia, where we stayed and worked at an orphanage during Month 5 of the Race

Please forgive my hiatus from this blog. As I continue traveling the world, I have been learning a lot about my identity. I got lost and tried to find my place. I came back to God, as He continued to pursue me with His love.  He showed me that my place is in Him and always was. That even when I strayed or forgot who I was, God was still there for me, as my Loving Father, my Papa.

I tried to find my voice, my identity and so did not even know what to write or share. I will reclaim and reinvent this space now as my own space to share with you, the world, what my journey is.

I will share what I am learning, the joy and the hard times. How I find light again, how I refuse to give up. How, even when it doesn't make sense, I can still know my place is in God.

I will share with you each point of the journey. How, now, as I continue traveling- this time on this 11 month journey called the World Race, going to 11 countries, I am learning more about the abundant life in Christ. What it means when God says, "GO," no matter where you are or what type of job you have.

Today I am in Greece. It is Month 7 of the World Race. There is so much going on, internally and all around, but my anchor is in Christ.

Ever since God spoke to my heart in the jungles of Bolivia, where we were working at an orphanage, I have been learning and relearning how my safe place really is in God. How God really is my home, my sanctuary and how I am part of His family, as He adopted me as His own. He chose me. God chose you. He chooses each of His children. He wants everyone to come to Him. But it is your choice if you will accept God's invitation to you.

Isaiah 60:1- "Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the LORD rises upon you.

Now, GoDaughter is rising out of the ashes. 

View of the mountain sunset from our porch in Bolivia at the orphanage

I am rising out of the ashes.

You are invited to arise into the full life God has for you today!

To come: My experience in Greece working with the refugees and what home means when you don't have one. The gypsies in Bulgaria who historically did not have a home and wandered from place to place. How all of this relates to God telling us to "Go."

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