Thursday, April 25, 2013

Compassion Kids Spotlight: A Day in the Life

A Day in the Life: Imagine If

Telling a Story from a Compassion Child's eyes

Using details from the child's information page, but creating a fictional story and perspective of events


Enjoy reading and please pray for this child! 


Victor Daniel Lulimache Velasquez is 5 years old from Peru. His birthday just passed on March 11th. He has been waiting 236 days for a sponsor as of this post.*Praise God that He has provided the perfect birthday gift in His perfect timing- please pray for the other children, like Victor Daniel, who have also been patiently waiting. Might one of these children be waiting for you to speak to God on their behalf?

"Hola! Victor Daniel! Wake up! Go get your father’s delivery from the market. Then you need to come back and get ready to walk with your sister to school. Don’t go playing in the water now! Hurry back!"

 He runs off, squinting his eyes against the morning sun peeking out at him that he is not ready for. When he gets back, his sister is waiting for him. They walk to school where he is greeted by a Compassion staff member. His eyes ask the question even before his lips form the words.

It will almost be a year now. He had wished and hoped and prayed that he could get a sponsor for his birthday this year, but March has come and gone. He had seen some of the kids get sponsored for their birthdays. 

But he still believes that God will answer his prayer soon. That he will get a loving sponsor who will stick with him. Someone whose smile he can imagine now, whose hands he can see holding his hands and leading him, whose embrace he will feel from the letters and encouraging words and pictures they share with him. 

He hopes it will happen soon. Today? He looks up. The sun is bright in the sky.

The staff member’s eyes widen and almost brim over, then they try to pass it off with a small hopeful smile.

Not Today. Again. His heart aches a little, but he keeps hoping. 

His sister hugs him good-bye and rushes off to her class. He stands still for a moment, then goes inside after his teacher urges him in. He feels the sun on his back and holds onto the warmth, turns toward it, reaching out. Willing it to embrace him tightly. Willing the warmth to stay with him. To be a rock solid sun. Not to set or disappear at the end of the day. 

He remembers his teacher’s lesson from the other day: God’s love is forever. He never stops loving you. He tries to understand. He will paint a sun today. A bright one that never stops shining. That chases away the night. He smiles and imagines showing it to his new sponsor. 

Please share your thoughts below! I would like to hear from YOU! What have you considered before sponsoring a child, if you are a sponsor? How do you choose which child to sponsor? 

I understand that not everyone is able to make this financial commitment of $38 a month, but please pray for these kids- if everyone committed to prayer for these children, more of them would find a loving sponsor!  Search here for a child who needs support and commit to pray for them!

Have you decided to sponsor a child? Please share with me- I would love to hear this great news and pray for you and your child! Send me an email at jsilverman286 at gmail dot com.

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