Thursday, April 25, 2013

Malaria Mafia? Or How to... Buzz Around and Cause Mayhem & Darkness

Buon giorno! (That’s hello in Italian.) My name is Massimo the Mosquito and yes, I am a member of the much-feared Malaria Mafia.

I am sure you have heard of us. 

Just a few years ago the World Health Organization said we were responsible for the deaths of 655,000 people. Although I cannot confirm or deny that, I do have a confession to make.

Lean closer. I don’t want the other mosquitoes to hear this…

I am the one who is in charge of recruiting young new mosquitoes to join us. We are known for buzzing around the country of Africa in our blood red convertibles. Otherwise known as our vehicles of death that we collect the blood in.

Why, you might ask? It is the largest country of course, and I had to make a name for myself somehow. I couldn’t just recruit a few buzz heads. No, I had to go for the big wigs. And I had go for THEM. The children of Africa.

I am not talking about ancient history here. I am talking about the quite recent epidemic. 

I am so big now that no one messes with me in the streets OR in the fields. They know my name. I’m one of the biggest bosses around.
I gotta keep killin’ though, can't get lazy. I gotta stay on top. That’s my game. And the easiest way to do this is to go to a place where it’s easy to roam unpunished, unchecked and with the most vulnerable kids.

They can’t even pay for the weapons that can destroy me. Thankfully.

If even one person reading this, (NO, NOT YOU, PLEASE DON’T DO ANYTHING!)

(A giant hand appears from the sky and swats the mosquito away.)

Whew. That was close.

As I was saying… if even one person reading this decided to see the weapons available against us… let me just say, one life (at least one, that is... I hope you don't see this...) could be saved quite easily. Then my numbers will start going down…

 Malaria Interventions? Mosquitoes PLEASE don't click here!You are NOT in any danger... (Click here to learn more on how to help those suffering from this preventable disease!)

Mosquito bites can KILL. And they are killing many children, as you read this. The scary (but hopeful) thing is, this is VERY preventable and it is simple to help.You can be a part of the answer to this and can save a life! 

There is a child now, waiting and praying that they will get the medicine they need to survive. That they will get a mosquito bed net to prevent this horrible life taking disease. You can make a difference for eternity by saving a child's life, a family's life and giving more people hope.

What would you say if you found out today that a child you know contracted a disease that could lead to death?

But you did some research and you found out this disease has a cure. And by cure I mean, this child does not have to die. There is medicine that would treat the disease. Life could still be lived.

I assume you would say, “Give the child the medicine. Now."

Poverty has a different response. Poverty makes sure the child is unable to stay protected from the disease. And once the child has contracted the disease, poverty makes sure the medicine is out of reach.

The disease I am referring to is Malaria.

Preventable. Treatable.

This Thursday, April 25 is World Malaria Day.

Compassion intervenes by:

  • Providing households at risk with treated mosquito nets
  • Educating family members on malaria prevention
  • Treating those suffering from malaria, chagas disease and dengue fever

Take Action and Make a Difference!

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