Friday, May 3, 2013

Birthday Dreams and Tattered Clothes: One Child who needs Hope

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Re-posted from  Stephanie Nunez

 I was looking through Compassion, and saw a sad face.  I typically do not have the reaction I experienced.  This picture literally made me cry.  Unfortunately, I can not sponsor a third child.  It's not financially possible, and my husband reconfirmed that for me.

This little boy, Demelash from Ethiopia, is most likely wearing pass-me-down clothes from an older sister.  A pink, torn up tracksuit.  His little face shows no hope, and his birthday is May 1st!  I'd love for prayers so we can find this child a sponsor.  Take one look at his face, and you can see how desperately in need he truly is.

Thank you for your prayers, and a million thanks to anyone who can help this precious boy, Demelash.

*Praise God for providing for Demelash! Please keep reading below to see other children who, like him, have been waiting for the support and love of someone like you! 

With Love and Prayers,
         Stephanie Nunez


When we sponsor a child, we shout out our love with volumes, but also with a loving embrace.This is an act of love that any child of any country and any language understands and is immensely changed by.

Their whole life is changed, because you decided to love them from wherever you are in the world.

One choice, one click, one prayer, can change a child's life forever. One child is waiting for your help today!

Please pray for these other children, like Demelash in Ethiopia, who have been waiting a long time for a sponsor as well! 

Or look at the children who have been waiting the longest, regardless of country! 

These children below, from Ethiopia and other countries too, have been patiently waiting and hoping for a sponsor and for some light to shine in their dark world. 

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Please pray for Sostenes who is only 4 years old and you can just see how great his need is from this picture and from his eyes.

Do you see his extended belly? This is a sign of malnutrition and a low protein state in the body- (read more on that here.)

Clearly a sign that he needs help and prayer and all the love and support he can get now- please start praying for him and don't stop until he gets a sponsor!

Pray that he gets a loving sponsor who will encourage him and that he come to know Christ soon!

Sostenes  is from Tanzania and has been waiting almost 250 days for a sponsor! Please pray for this precious child in need!

Sostenes' birthday is August 30th. He enjoys ball games and hide and seek.


Shruit is an 8 year old girl from India who lives in an area with high risk of exploitation and abuse- it is possible to be sold into sexual slavery in this area, especially at her age.

Shruti enjoys art and reading and there are 4 children in her family. 


 God has come quickly to rescue Shruti 

Pray for other girls like her waiting for a sponsor and in risk of being sold into sexual slavery. 

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Pray for 7 year old Kalkidan from Ethiopia 
Her birthday is August 6th, 2005
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Pray for 8 year old Dibora from Ethiopia
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Please pray for 6 year old Bilal from Ethiopia who has been waiting 217 days and lives in an AIDS affected area

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Please share below in the comments- I would like to hear from you! Have you considered sponsoring a child or do you have a sponsored child that you chose for their birthday or special day? Or what other ways have you chosen the child you sponsor? Or are you still considering your decision?

Have you decided to sponsor a child? Please share with me- I would love to hear this great news and pray for you and your child! Send me an email at jsilverman286 at gmail dot com.

Please pray for 6 year old Mebrat from Ethiopia- her birthday was just on May 2nd and she needs your love and support now! Pray that God comes quickly to her and shows she is not forgotten- that she is His child!
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