A mission of a daughter of God living life, traveling overseas, learning that my home is in God. Looking to follow God on faith, using His strength, not my own. 


A mission of obeying God's calling and following on faith when He tells you to "Go". Even if you don't know where or when. 


A mission about finding hope to go on even when it seems too hard or that you've messed it up too horribly this time (but learning that God gives you endless grace).  A mission of Love. 




Who am I? 

Daughter of God that is loved and accepted through Christ

Committed to growing in God, whatever it takes

Imperfect and weak, but want to be used by God for His glory

Strong and courageous through God's Spirit and Power

Caring, loving, encouraging (and asking God for more of this!)

Long Term Goals:


 To reach others for Christ

To love radically

To have an authentic faith

To be fearless for God's kingdom and purpose

To grow in God everyday (this may be a tall order, but God does work miracles!)

To Seek God first!

Currently Learning about: 


 Trusting God

God's grace

God's providence and goodness

The power of the Holy Spirit, that Jesus promised us would always be there to comfort us, guide us, provide for us and give us power, all for God's glory

About You:

I would love to hear more about you, my readers, as well. What do you like reading about? What would you like to hear about?

Any travel stories you would like to share? What is your experience with missions and outreach- wherever it is? 

 What is going on in your life? What can I pray for, for you?

Please share in the comments below!

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