Monday, April 29, 2013

Compassion Kids Spotlight: One Orphan

Please pray for this 6 year old girl from Rwanda who has been orphaned- Tuyishimire needs your love and support - say a prayer for her to be provided with a sponsor soon!
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Tuyishimire  lives with her grandmother.  Laborers there are farmers who earn about the same as $12 USD a month.

She lives in an area affected by AIDS, so it is especially vital to pray that she gets support! 

 Tuyishimire  enjoys playing group games. Her performance in school is average. She  helps her grandmother with carrying water and gathering firewood. Her birthday is coming up soon on May 20th!

Please pray for Tuyishimire today that she will receive a loving sponsor soon, in God's perfect plan and that she will come to know Him!

Please show your support for those affected by the horrifying genocide in 1994- the effects from nearly 20 years ago linger today and these children truly need your love and support!

Learn more about the Rwanda 1994 genocide here and the effects it had on the people

Learn how to help those affected in other ways!

Please pray for Dinberu, a 12 year old girl from Ethiopia who has been orphaned.*

Dinberu has lost one or both of her parents. 

 Please pray especially for Dinberu, as she is at a crucial age and needs your support especially at this vulnerable time in a young girl's life, who is made even more vulnerable by not having her parents with her, so she is not as protected as she could be and this puts her at risk of other dangers.

She also lives in an area affected by AIDS, putting her health and and very life at risk too.

*Thanks to God! God is faithful and had provided a loving sponsor who will greatly encourage and build this young girl up and share God's amazing love and grace with her. Please pray for Dinberu and her sponsor today!


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 *Praise Update- please continue to pray for Mahlet: a 6 year old orphaned girl from Ethiopia as well. We prayed that she would not be kept waiting long- as we know, God is faithful and loving and cares for Mahlet very much! And He has answered, the next morning after this was posted the night before- Amen!


Please pray for the other orphaned children who are waiting and hoping to receive news of getting a sponsor like you to love them and support them and build them up! YOU can make a huge impact on one child's life for eternity!

Pray for other young girls in Ethiopia who need a sponsor like you today! 

I understand that not everyone is able to make this financial commitment of $38 a month, but please pray for these kids- if everyone committed to prayer for these children, more of them would find a loving sponsor!  Search here for a child who needs support and commit to pray for them!

Have you decided to sponsor a child? Please share with me- I would love to hear this great news and pray for you and your child! Send me an email at jsilverman286 at gmail dot com.

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