Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Compassion Kids Spotlight: Breath-taking Brisa from Mexico

Brisa is a 4 year old who caught my heart and stopped my breath when I saw her page.

She is so young and so in need of God to catch hold of her with His love.

My heart cries out to her, wishing I could sponsor yet another child! But I know I have made my commitment to several children and want to make sure I am able to sponsor them long term.

Brisa is from Mexico and has been waiting 180 days for a sponsor. Please pray for her and view her page to learn a little more about her life and how you can pray for her. Please consider sponsoring her and making this commitment that will have a powerful, far-reaching and eternal impact on this precious little girl's life.

Brisa has 6 children in her family and she loves art! Her birthday is in the summer- on August 26th!

View Brisa's page here and please pray for her that God wraps his arms around her and comes quickly to rescue her!

I understand that not everyone is able to make this financial commitment of $38 a month, but please pray for these kids- if everyone committed to prayer for these children, more of them would find a loving sponsor!  Search here for a child who needs support and commit to pray for them!

Have you decided to sponsor a child? Please share with me- I would love to hear this great news and pray for you and your child! Send me an email at jsilverman286 at gmail dot com.

I would like to hear from you- have you had a personal immediate reaction to seeing the picture of a child in need?

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