Thursday, May 2, 2013

Happy Birthday! Compassion Kids Spolight: Birthdays around the World!

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Please pray for Niyotwizera- I had to stop for a moment to pray for this young and precious son of God who looks so scared and downtrodden from life- he is really one of the littlest ones or least of these that we are called to love and protect! Niyotwizera is from Rwanda and just turned 6 today. He also lives in an area affected by AIDS, which puts him even more at risk and in need of your support today.

Watch this powerful video of a music artist's visit to the country and what we can do to help! 
Please PRAY that God rushes in to pick up this little one and embrace him with His love and that he does powerful things with his life. My heart hurts for him- please consider sponsoring him- and please pray about it first! It is crucial to consider the benefits of long term sponsorship and to really be sure you can make a solid and long term commitment to this precious child who desperately needs stable love and consistency in his life.

Pray for Niyotwizera that he gets a loving sponsor soon and pray for other boys like him in Rwanda who also need a sponsor! 


Pray for Uwamahoro who is only 5 years old and lives in the country of Rwanda.

Her birthday is August 8th. Please show your love and support for the littlest of these today!

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*Praise God that He has provided for her!

Young girls like her continue (unsuppored, no life line) to live in a high risk area for exploitation and abuse, which means that she is at risk of being sold into sexual slavery or taken advantage of. Having a Compassion sponsor would protect girls like her from this and allow a wall of defense to be put around her, as she would then have the means and support necessary to be protected against this.

She is waiting and hoping for someone like YOU to step up to defend her and show her she is worthy and loved! She is a precious child of God, please pray that God comes quickly to rescue and defend her and please consider sponsoring a girl like her if you feel led to give your love and support!

Pray for other girls like her in Bangladesh also waiting for a sponsor like you! 

There are also many girls similar to her living in a high risk area in India, that also face the horrifying reality of being sold into sexual slavery- please pray for these girls today!


Meet Abdurkerim who just turned 11 today and lives in Ethiopia. He enjoys soccer and group games.

Please pray that he comes to know Christ and that God works in his life in a big way! Abdurkerim has been patiently waiting for a sponsor for a long time- for 225 days!

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Praise that Kamilajini has gotten a sponsor! She just turned 8 and lives in Sri Lanka. Pray she continues to get support and encouragement to survive and thrive in the dangerous environment she lives in!

Pray that she comes to know Christ and is surrounded by God's love and presence!

Pray for another girl like her in Sri Lanka who needs your prayers and love today!

Pray for a girl who has been waiting a long time for a sponsor in Bolivia!

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Mebrat's birthday is today! She is wearing a lovely pink dress, but is lacking much of the love and support she needs today to reach her full potential in Christ.

She is 6 years old today and from Ethiopia, where she lives in an area affected by AIDS.Though she lives a world away from many of us, she is still a child with many similarities to other children her age.  She likes to play with dolls and is is kindergarten.

Please pray for her that God shows her His amazing love. Her eyes speak the sadness that she has experienced.

Please show your love today and pray for a sponsor for her that will support her and provide what she needs most of all for her birthday- your love, Jesus.

I challenge you to pray for the other girls in Ethiopia who, like Mebrat, desperately are waiting and hoping for YOU to lift them up in prayer to our Father!


Suporn is now 11 years old, a young girl  from Thailand. Her bright smiles and cheerful outlook show that with support, she will blossom and grow into a strong and beautiful young woman in the future.

Please pray for the other girls like her, also in Thailand who need a sponsor just like Suporn!

There are 4 children in her family. She enjoys singing, playing with dolls and playing house.She helps her family with gathering firewood, washing clothes and cleaning.Her parents, like many other adults in the area, are sometimes employed as farmers and make about the same as $53 US dollars a month.

Please continue to  pray for Suporn that God provides her a new sponsor with all she needs to be a long term and loving sponsor. Pray that those around her, along with her sponsor, will be a stable source of love and God's light in her life.


Pray that these birthday children (as well as many others around the world!) will see Christ's love today and that He provides for them in His perfect way. 

*Praise God that Imanashimwe has received a sponsor! 

Imanashimwe makes her home with her stepfather and her mother. Carrying water, washing clothes and helping in the kitchen are her household duties. Her stepfather is sometimes employed as a farmer and her mother is sometimes employed as a farmer. There are 5 children in the family.

For fun, Imanashimwe enjoys walking, playing ball games and running. She attends church activities regularly and is in high school where her performance is average.

Your love and support will help Imanashimwe to receive the assistance she needs to develop her potential. She also lives in an AIDS affected area.  Please pray for her protection and health and for her to come to know Christ! Pray for the other girls in Rwanda who have been waiting for a sponsor too! Pray for girls who have a birthday today to get a great gift of love on their special day!

Please also pray for the all of the children in Rwanda who have been waiting for a sponsor to guide them and protect them and show them light which is hard to see in the dark world where they live! Give them hope and light today!  


 Pray for all of these young people and children in Christ- that He won't give up on seeking them and that He will come quickly to rescue them and show them His amazing love!

How did you choose your child to sponsor? Do you think birthdays are a good way to choose a child- why or why not? 

 Do you have a sponsored child's birthday coming up? 

I want to hear from YOU! What do you want to read and learn about and what do you want to hear more about?

Have you considered sponsoring a child or do you have a sponsored child that you chose for their birthday or special day? Or what other ways have you chosen the child you sponsor? Or are you still considering your decision?

I understand that not everyone is able to make this financial commitment of $38 a month, but please pray for these kids- if everyone committed to prayer for these children, more of them would find a loving sponsor!  Search here for a child who needs support and commit to pray for them!

Please pray for these precious children with special needs- physical or mental- that desperately and vitally need support and love from you today!

Have you decided to sponsor a child? Please share with me- I would love to hear this great news and pray for you and your child! Send me an email at jsilverman286 at gmail dot com. 

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